“Rongmohol”: Dead Note Review

After “Dahuk Er Deshe,” Dead Note is finally back with another single titled “Rongmohol.” Dead Note is a Dhaka-based experimental rock band. As “Dahuk Er Deshe” was considered a classic among quite a few people, does Rongomohol live up to the expectations as a sophomore release?

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The song “Rongmohol” is based on folklore that urges a life to choose between being an angel or being a human before God grants them what they wish. Each path has its pros and cons. Our decision shapes our life. We may or may not feel regretful based on the consequences we face. 

Unlike their previous release, “Rongmohol” is groovier and takes influence from classic rock. Nasif did yet another excellent job with the Bass, and the riffs are just as good. This feels like a new endeavour from their last alt-rock release. The vocals are as melodious as before, with well-put lyrics. 

My only gripe is that the mixing sounds a bit off. The drums don’t hit as hard as they should, but the bass tone makes up for it in places. It’s not as groundbreaking as “Dahuk Er Deshe,” but it’s something they can work around just fine if they keep this up. 

Dead Note aims to express various spectrums of emotional phases and elements of nature in their upcoming releases. They plan to release 2-3 singles, music videos, and an album. The album will not likely include previously released tracks but will take us on a new journey through a fresh music set. Eagerly waiting for their subsequent releases.

Listen to “Rongmohol” by Dead Note:

“Rongmohol” by Dead Note Lyrics:

সত্যি যদি এমন হতো
অতীত ঘুরে আগামী হতো
জন্মের আগেই মৃত্যু হতো
শুরুর আগেই শেষ হতো

ভাবছো কি পাগলের প্রলাপ?
কখনো ভেবে দেখেছো কি?

পৃথিবীর রংমহলে ঢোকার আগে
যদি চলে যেতে
পাপহীন আত্মা তোমার
আলোকিত দ্বিতীয় জীবনে

চাঁদের আকাশে, সূর্য উঠেছে
আমি ভেবে যাই গ্রহান্তরে
তারা জানে না
কি করে মিথ্যে বলতে হয়
মৃতের চোখে হাসি ফোটে
স্বপ্নের মতন সমাজে

সত্যি যদি এমন হতো
রক্তের দাগ শুকিয়ে যেতো
লোভের দেহ মুক্তি পেত
আলোকিত আঁধার হতো

ভাবছো কি পাগলের প্রলাপ?
কখনো ভেবে দেখেছো কি?

পৃথিবীর রংমহলে
ঢোকার আগে যদি চলে যেতে
পাপহীন আত্মা তোমার
আলোকিত দ্বিতীয় জীবনে…

Listen to “Dahuk er Deshe” by Dead Note:

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