Russia-Ukraine War Latest Updates: Does War Ever Really End?

Russia-Ukraine War Does War Ever Really End

It has been over seven months since the Russian army took over the region of Ukraine, igniting the Russia-Ukraine war, making a million people homeless, and turning a huge group of civilian Ukrainians to take up arms to defend their nation. And the worst part is, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the horizon of this horrifying destruction anytime soon.

Russian Occupation and Civilian’s Nightmare

During the last few months, the people of Ukraine had affronted an eerie and brutal aspect of their reality when children had to see off their fathers to a battle when women had to give birth inside bombing shelters when people had to see their homes being exploded in front of their own eyes.

Russia-Ukraine War Does War Ever Really End

“Here we had our bed, our TV and wardrobe were there. I replaced the windows and doors – everything was brand new – underfloor heating. We were living a good life. The Russians did not need to save us. Absolutely not. They destroyed everything,” a man named Victor Horenka recounts these words in an interview with Al-Jazeera, as he witnessed the destruction of his home in Kyiv, where he lived with his family for over 20 years.

Victor is just a small picture of the nightmare that Ukrain has been facing for the past few months while the whole world is barely making an effort to intervene and help.

How Russia-Ukraine War Started

Russia-Ukraine War and Its Impacts on Global Economy

It doesn’t take a political genius to comprehend the way this Russia-Ukraine war is affecting global markets and politics the more it stretches on. With sanctions on Russia and closed airspace above Ukraine, food and fuel prices have reached way too high all over the world, making world leaders worry about potential famines in underdeveloped or developing countries.

Destruction over the Months Due to the Russia-Ukraine War

Though nothing compares to the hell trapped civilians of Ukraine have been through while the genocides of Bucha, Kharkiv and Kyiv unfolded. The heinous acts of the Russian military forces were something out of an apocalypse, where long roads throughout Bucha showed haphazardly thrown-out dead bodies with their hands tied on the satellite images.

Russia-Ukraine War Does War Ever Really End

According to Richard Weir, a crisis and conflict researcher at Human Rights Watch, the way they are targeting civilians and making every corner of the occupied cities a crime scene indicates the Russian military’s disregard towards the most fundamental principles of the laws of war.

Why is the Russia-Ukraine War Happening

Threat of a Nuclear War

As if these mass graves and missile strikes were not terrifying enough, Putin’s constant threat of unleashing the third world war by actually using nuclear weapons. In an article on Reuters on October 13th, the Security Council of the Russian Federation issued another warning while Russian forces continue to bomb over 40 Ukrainian cities with civilian inhabitants that WWIII is inevitable if Ukraine takes further steps to join NATO.

At this point in the Russia-Ukraine war, especially after the UN officially condemned Russia’s call for the annexation of four Ukrainian regions illegal, Moscow’s potential reaction will be destructive and reckless, to say the least.

Russia-Ukraine War Does War Ever Really End

Every single time a war breaks out, especially one with multiple nations and millions of civilians involved in it, our so-called world leaders and political organizations vow to learn from their mistakes and prevent any genocide in the foreseeable future.

The failed initiative of the League of Nations, countless peace treaties and conferences, and currently, the UN’s failure to prevent so many innocent deaths are examples that make one wonder if all these talks of peace and harmony are anything but empty promises.

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