Top 5 Browser Extensions That Will Improve Your Browsing Experience!

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Today’s bloated internet is terrifying. You won’t even know when you will be affected by some cryptographers or other ransomware viruses. To browse safely and keep distractions out of the way, you need to add extensions to your browser.

Some of you might say, “These extensions make the browser ram-eating monster.” as google chrome is already famous for being the ram-eating monster. Here, I suggest some excellent lightweight extensions to improve your browsing experience and protect yourself.

1. Ublock- Origin

It’s a very lightweight extension, and it’s kind of like all in one. It protects you from malicious sites and helps you browse in a clean, minimalistic way. If I compare this with other adblockers, I would suggest this one. Also, it’s a privacy-focused open source project. That means you can also check the extension code, making it more trustworthy than ever.

2. Tabliss

It will turn your new tab page into a beautiful dashboard. Also, this extension is based on privacy-focused facts. So you can use it with peace of mind that it won’t steal your data.

3. Dark Reader

This is an essential extension for all the night owls. It makes every website dark and easily readable. It’s also light as an extension. So it will go a bit easy on ram consumption while making your browsing experience smooth.

4. Bitwarden

We all had faced that moment when we forgot passwords for our accounts on different sites. There are many good password managers, but they are all costly and sometimes are not secured. Then there comes this extension. This is an open-source project. So, it gets monitored by many security experts. Also, it’s free. But you do have the option to pay them to get some unique minor features and support them. Bitwarden is available on all platforms. It can take away all your password remembering hassle and make your browsing experience far better.

5. Forest: Stay focused, be present

This is one of my favourite and most useful extensions. Sometimes it’s tough to control ourselves to focus on essential things. That’s where this extension comes in to help us to focus. With this extension, you can set a timer to block all the websites and focus on your studies and work. While working, you can grow a tree with this extension. And while growing a tree, you can also get your work done. Isn’t it fun?

So that’s it. With these extensions, you can browse safely and get your work done without making your browser heavy. I hope this helps.

NOTE: All these extensions can be found on your respective browser’s extension stores. 


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