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The Interlude, founded in 2022, is a magazine that encourages young people to express and enlighten themselves about news, politics, culture, fashion, books, movies; you name it, from anywhere. We want our writers and readers to be true to themselves, illustrators to bloom and photographers to thrive without fear of rejection of their respective works.

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Dear Friend

Dear Friend #30

Dec 29, 2022
Dear Friend, I’m so confused right now. I think I’m falling in love, that too with a close friend. But I’m not so sure about

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Dear Friend #26

Oct 11, 2022
Dear friend, I hope my boyfriend is free from all the pain he’s dealing with. I feel like a useless girlfriend, not being able to

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Dear Friend #23

Oct 9, 2022
Dear friend, I would have never done this to you. I would’ve never hurt you like this. For more Dear Friend Letters like this one,

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Dear Friend #22

Oct 3, 2022
Dear friend, It wasn’t long ago that when something happened, the first thing I did was tell you about it. It was the best part

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