Dear Friend #30

Dear Friend,

I’m so confused right now. I think I’m falling in love, that too with a close friend. But I’m not so sure about this feelings. I don’t know if it’s strong enough to change the dynamic of our relationship! And ironically I don’t even understand if it’s love…. I don’t understand love yk. I’m kinda scared. He is like a blackhole pulling me towards him. All my logics, ideologies break apart when it comes to him. He doesn’t meet the criteria of my perfect man or Mr. Right. But I’m kinda obsessed with him. A large part of my time passes thinking of him, I think of him in every little events of my life, I wanna share my good times and bad times with him. And I expect him to do that too. When he doesn’t do that, I become sad. But that’s not my nature. I never expect much from people. I tend to cut off people when they don’t appreciate my efforts on them, but when it’s him I can’t do that. It’s kinda toxic, isn’t it??? I don’t know what to do! The weirdest thing is, I’m not even sure of my feelings. Is it love? Or is it just some kinda obsession?? Can you help me out in this, please?

— A Confused buddy….

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