Dear Friend #12

Dear Friend,

They say you’ll feel good if you hear something good, but it’s only his voice I can bear to hear the longest. They say you’ll feel good if you speak well, But It was only him who listened to me, who I loved to talk to. They say you feel good, when you smell something good, but it’s only his smell that makes me at ease. It’s funny how I continuously wanted to tell someone, anyone that how much addicted I was to his smell that it drives me crazy sometimes, like I’m having withdrawal symptoms. I want to cry out and tell someone I miss his smell. I miss him. And so here I am maybe finally telling to that someone what I wanted to and hey thanks for hearing me out. I hope there’s no one you have to miss crazily. I hope even if you miss someone, you get to tell them that you miss them. It’s a blessing too. Being able to tell them you miss them.


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