Dear Friend #26

Dear Friend

Dear friend,

I hope my boyfriend is free from all the pain he’s dealing with. I feel like a useless girlfriend, not being able to shoulder some of the burdens he bears. I wish things were easier on him. Things are so hard on him, and it breaks my heart to see him struggle through every single day. He has no room to relax or have a breather, yet he never fails to make me feel special and treats me like a princess – beyond anything I’d expect from someone like him.

I want to tell him it’s okay, he should slow down. He can lean on me. I want to say I’ve got him. I’ll help him. I’ll bear his burdens with him. But I know, no matter how much I want to say that, he won’t let me nor listen. I’m his princess after all, he doesn’t want to put me through more than I already am.

I’m so proud of him. I wish he knows that. I wish he knows that I see no one else as lovely as him. I wish he knows that he’s always going to be that one person I’ll always follow, that one person I’m ready to do anything for. That one person I’ll open my arms to, and let him rest. I’ll give him a place he can finally call “home”.

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