Dear Friend #25

Dear Friend

Dear friend,

Could you tell me why I’m so depressed, though everyone tells me I have no reason to be? I have it good – I’m studying something people would kill to get in, our financial condition isn’t that terrible, I am not burdened as much as my peers. Then why do I feel this way? Am I just ungrateful? Am I asking for too much from the world? Why can’t I feel any peace in my heart or mind? Do you know why?

I wish I could make everyone proud. I wish I could’ve been a good friend. Did you know I’ve ruined so many relationships because of the depression I face? My depression brings out a side of me that is so ugly that even I end up hating myself even more for it…and feel worse. The loop never ends.

I feel stuck. I feel alone. I feel like I can’t get out of the chains wrapped around my heart and brain unless I die. I really…want to be gone.

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