How to Ace Your IELTS in 3 Days: My Journey to 8.5!

How to Ace Your IELTS in 3 days

Last year, I embarked on my IELTS journey with minimal preparation, courtesy of a jam-packed schedule and no access to physical resources or classes. Despite the odds, I managed to secure an impressive overall score of 8.5, with stellar marks in Listening and Reading (9) and commendable scores in Speaking and Writing (7.5). Suffice it to say, while there’s always room for improvement in specific sections, I surpassed my own expectations.

For those diving into the IELTS fray, you will need to at least have an idea on the exam structure, which I’ll try to get to in one of my next posts (stay tuned!)

Now you can’t expect the same results if you have had no exposure to IELTS at all. However, everything’s online now, and if I could do it, so can you!

Once I knew the structure, had found the proper online resources, and had a new notebook and pencil (and the right headspace!), I followed these steps below for three consecutive days right before the exam:

Day 1: Getting Started

  • Remove all distractions; take leave from studies/job, close your door, turn off notifications, and have a dedicated, quiet study space.
  • Watch the curated playlist titled “Understand IELTS” by E2 IELTS on YouTube.
  • Take notes, as if you’re in a real classroom setting; if you have questions, Google or ChatGPT is your answer!
  • Follow the pomodoro technique, and take breaks for hydration and snacks.
  • Test yourself using British Council’s IELTS practice tests to identify your strengths and weaknesses in each section. You don’t have to follow strict timing or stop yourself from checking the answers in the middle of the test at this stage. It’s not a mock exam, yet. Just try to use the tips from your notes and find where you can improve.

Day 2: Delving Deeper in IELTS Practice

  • Google IELTS practice tests or go to and download as many past papers as you can.
  • Divide the day into 4 separate parts for each section.
  • For each section, first solve a test without any time constraints and match your answers. Then set a timer e.g. Reading gets 60 minutes, and solve another test. Keep shortening the time length to see how fast you can find all the answers.
  • For Writing part, write your answers then compare them with sample answers to see what you’ve missed and how you can improve.
  • Record yourself when practicing Speaking, and listen to yourself after answering. Get a friend to ask you questions and critic you.

Day 3: The Final Countdown

  • It’s the last day so don’t stress yourself! Go through your notes and browse for tips such as vocabulary and how to keep yourself from panicking.
  • When you feel relaxed and slightly ready for the exam, go to E2 IELTS on YouTube again and take their “IELTS Full Mock Test.”
  • Solve a few more practice tests. Don’t worry even if you don’t get your desired score while practicing. The key to IELTS is practice, dedication, and confidence!

As you gear up for the main event, keep calm and maintain your focus. With diligent preparation and the right mindset, you’re poised to exceed your own expectations!

Exciting news: I’m launching a new series detailing my master’s application journey, starting with the IELTS hustle. Stay tuned by clicking the follow button below and following my Instagram (@mistghost1398) for more insightful content tailored for those on a tight schedule. Your support means the world to me! 💖

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