Growing Up!

growing up

Growing up (or your pre-frontal cortex in the brain growing) is something that everyone can understand at some point in their lives, from a wide-eyed baby to a little toddler observing things around me, such as my own companion at my age, my cousins who were a bit older than me and my parents, who were then completely adults themselves. 

My parents and grandparents properly instilled in me the good qualities of a human being – never speak a lie, be sincere and punctual in school and work, respect the elders and offer five times prayers a day. My maternal grandparents are a bit workaholics, while my paternal are devoted to education- these things I earnestly understood at my tender age. At one point, both my father and granny tested me about human welfare and charity which I excelled.

As time passed, my tender brain matured into a teenager. I started reading newspapers in both English and Bengali, dressing myself up in salwar kameez, mimicking myself with my favourite persona on TV, saving money in a piggy bank, reading novels, experimenting with scientific projects and grooming myself for what I wanted to be when I grow up. 

Growing Up
Photography by Zaki Alam Pushan.

My teenage life was entirely simple, yet I observed the daily hullabaloo and humdrum of everyone’s life, trying to comprehend the fact that I was ordained by God to assign to this mundane but huge planet called Earth. As I evolved from being a teenager to a young adult, I discovered that I could think things outside the box. I can relate to everything without relying on parents and others. I am no longer a cocooned animal- I am independent. I am independent of everything- my parents won’t bring me from school, financial independence- I earn myself with a job and saving and investing myself and last. 

In my university days, life took an upturn. I encountered a diverse group of people, which later influenced my life. I learnt the very tact of surviving in the world of higher education. I began to take part in lively discussions on various ranges of social issues, which contributed to the further development of my overall outlook on the world. The world of politics in the national and international arena and poverty alleviation also shaped me in forming an opinion of mine and supported a giant boost in my career CV.

In my workplace, I learned practical dealings with the world outside school, college and university.  Here I met and still face many excellent and negative people who created a buzz around me. Nevertheless, I shove myself up and never bowed down, continuing myself in every circumstance and forming a good impression on my boss and colleagues while my ‘income pocket’ keeps on escalating. There I get financial independence, rearing my family and parents. 

Growing after the 20s will be considered as the next report card where you will get your result after the 60s just like your parents and grandparents have been. As I was growing up, I learned the basic tenacity of life. Life is a journey of twists and turns, peaks and valleys, mountains to climb, and oceans to explore. Tests and tribulations are parcels of everyday life. Good times and bad times are sure to occur. But always remember, life is a movement forward. So keep growing!

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  • Nuzhat Rifa Ehsan

    Nuzhat Rifa Ehsan is a columnist. Reach her at [email protected] to learn about her.

  • Zaki Alam Pushan

    A chemical engineer who dreams of a world without pollution. A researcher who fell in love with solving problems. A photographer who tries to bring the coexistence of chaos and symphony, disturbance and tranquility through his work. Pushan believes his works are the connection between his dream and reality through his love.

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