Countryside: Acrylic on Canvas

countryside acrylic on canvas

“The closer you get to the countryside, the closer you get to your distant past because historically, you came from the countryside and the closer you get to the places you exist, the more peaceful you feel!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

My artworks have been featured in Whimsical Publications, About Space journal, and Transformative Power of Art journal, as well as online exhibitions in Braintree Tree Community Art Centre, Lacuna Festivals,  Sailieris de Van Gogh, Cura10 and many more. I have also been selected for offline international contests but couldn’t participate because artworks are not allowed by international couriers from Bangladesh. I won the Artivism award from Kishor Alo last year and also participated in a group exhibition at Shilpakala Academy in 2020. I love to paint with acrylic on canvas to frame beautiful sights into reality and spread peace everywhere.

Acrylic on Canvas-
Countryside Acrylic on Canvas
A sight of reminiscence
Countryside Acrylic on Canvas
Minutes to lightening
Countryside Acrylic on Canvas
At the fall 2

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