Latest Tech News August 2022: Fastest Bite-Sized Daily Tech Updates, Releases and Rumours

Latest Tech News August 2022: Fastest Bite-Sized Daily Tech Updates, Releases and Rumours

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The world of technology moves forward at the speed of light. It’s easy to get lost if we’re not always in touch with the latest tech news in the tech world. At The Interlude, We plan on bringing you the latest tech news every month, carefully collecting the most important, influential, and noteworthy tech updates throughout the period.

This month’s tech news includes:

  • OnePlus 10T and OxygenOS 13 Launch
  • Spotify’s new Shuffle button
  • Intel’s Optane memory
  • Samsung’s new self repair program
  • Insta360 Link
  • New Anker chargers
  • Tesla Cybertruck
  • New WhatsApp features

Tech News August 2022:

OnePlus 10T, Ace Pro and OxygenOS 13 Launch

The OnePlus 10T has finally been released after numerous feature drops and teases. It’s a less priced version of their flagship phone 10 Pro that prioritizes performance. The 10T could appeal to gamers because it has a new cooling system and a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset that should provide performance gains over many of the leading Android phones. It is aimed at power users, with top-tier performance and charging, as well as a long battery life. It also costs $250 less than the 10 Pro.

OnePlus also gave a first peek at OxygenOS 13, the newest iteration of its Android-based phone operating system. This version of OxygenOS adds a new UI that was inspired by water and adopts features from Android 13 as well. The OnePlus 10 Pro will receive it first.

Intel officially kills off Optane Memory business, Sapphire Rapids Delayed Again

The earnings report from Intel for the second quarter of 2022 was disappointing, and included a new announcement: The chip manufacturer is discontinuing its Optane division with a $559 million write-off, according to Intel CEO Pate Gelsinger. According to Gelsinger, this is the sixth non-core business that Intel has sold since he joined in 2021, raising $1.5 billion for investments in its core businesses.

On the other hand, Intel has repeatedly postponed the launch of its 4th Generation Xeon Scalable “Sapphire Rapids” CPU without providing an explanation. According to the latest reports, Sapphire Rapids’ launch windows have been moved to the 6-9th week of 2023 (between February 6 and March 3).

Spotify to separate play and shuffle buttons

In the upcoming weeks, Spotify Premium subscribers will have greater flexibility thanks to an update that separates the play and shuffle buttons. The play and shuffle buttons are currently unified for both Spotify Premium and Spotify Free users.
The user experience will be more streamlined if the play and shuffle buttons are separated, despite the fact that it may not seem like a big deal.

Samsung-iFixit repair program finally available

The Samsung self-repair program is now finally accessible. The Samsung and iFixit collaboration enables you to repair your Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, or Galaxy Tab S7+ by buying legally authorized parts and tools, along with instructions to help you through the repair procedure. As of now, only screens, batteries, charging ports, and back glass are available.To make it easier for you to send the damaged parts to Samsung for recycling, the kits come with a free return label. Currently only available in the US, the self-repair program will eventually cover more nations, devices, and part repairs.

Insta360 introduces Link webcam

Popular camera manufacturer Insta360, best recognized for its action and 360-degree cameras, has just introduced a new webcam. The Insta360 Link is a three-axis gimbal-mounted 4K AI-powered webcam.
The 4K webcam, which has a half-inch sensor, works similarly to Apple’s Center Stage software by using artificial intelligence to monitor users and keep them in the frame.

Insta360 Link introduction video

Anker unveils new generation of chargers

Recently, Anker unveiled a variety of new gallium nitride (GaN) chargers under the brand name GaNPrime. These chargers use the newest GaN 3 fast-charging technology to deliver up to 150 watts of power while using less space than the earlier generations.

Watch the full Anker Event Livestream

The price of Tesla’s Cybertruck might exceed initial estimates

Elon Musk disclosed that the boxy electric truck’s final specifications and price are probably not going to be the same as those that were initially announced at the company’s annual shareholder conference. The pricing of Tesla cars over the past few quarters, along with Musk’s constant remarks about a terrible market and inflation, are strong indicators that the Cybertruck will be more expensive, even though he didn’t reveal any additional specific details about the final statistics.

Roomba vacuum manufacturer will be purchased by Amazon for $1.7 billion.

In a $1.7 billion deal, Amazon and iRobot agreed that Amazon will pay $61 per share in cash to purchase the Roomba vacuum manufacturer. Amazon’s presence in the consumer robotics market would increase as a result of the acquisition.

Disney Plus Price Hike and Subscription Spike

Starting on December 8th in the US, Disney has announced that it would increase the cost of Disney Plus from its current rate of $7.99 per month to $10.99 per month. The company is making the change as part of an effort to reorganize its pricing options, which soon will include a $7.99/month ad-supported tier.
Disney has increased the cost of its Hulu subscription as well. The ad-supported version will now cost $7.99 per month, up from $6.99, while the ad-free tier will go from $12.99 to $14.99 per month.

Following the news, Disney Plus has surpassed Netflix in terms of streaming subscriptions.
The number of streaming subscribers increased by 14.4 million in the most recent quarter, bringing the total to 221 million.
On the other hand, Netflix announced a loss of 1 million subscribers, bringing the total to 220.7 million.

AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Launch Event

In a press statement that was released on August 16th, AMD formally announced the day when its next-generation Ryzen 7000 processors would go on sale. At the event, which begins at 7 p.m. ET on August 29th, AMD will provide information about the eagerly anticipated Ryzen 7000 series processors. Several additional AMD execs will present at the live-streamed event together with AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su and CTO Mark Papermaster.
The marketing team at AMD has given the upcoming event the slogan “together we advance_PCs.” AMD has been using the slogan “together we advance” since the beginning of the summer, and you may have seen the suffixes “_automotive,” “_AI,” “data centers,” “entertainment,” “supercomputers,” and “gaming” in other recent PR campaigns.

New WhatsApp apps for computers

WhatsApp unveiled a brand-new app for Windows users. This time, the program has been totally rebuilt utilizing native Windows technologies rather than the outdated web-based Electron technology, which should improve overall speed.
Previously accessible only to beta users, the new WhatsApp for Windows is now open to all users.

The native WhatsApp app also has a few more benefits over the earlier version. Users can now, for instance, send and receive messages while their phone is offline. The interface has been polished up and made to fit more consistently with the Windows Interface.

The macOS version of WhatsApp should also receive a similar upgrade soon. The first public beta of WhatsApp’s new Mac app, which is based on Catalyst technology (which makes it simple for developers to port iOS apps to macOS) was published last month. The new software substantially borrows from WhatsApp for iOS and makes use of the native APIs of the operating system rather than web technologies.

As a result, the new macOS program operates more quickly and with fewer resources, which aids in battery conservation. Similar to WhatsApp for Windows, the new WhatsApp beta program for Mac OS also functions when the phone is offline.

Google announces stable Android 13 for Pixel devices.

Google has announced that Android 13—this year’s main Android update—is officially launching today for its Pixel smartphones. The annual update will be officially released a little earlier than usual, following the releases of Android 12 in October of last year and Android 11 in September of the following year.

Apple releases urgent security updates

Following the disclosure of two security flaws that “may have been actively exploited,” the tech giant Apple is advising users of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices to update to the most recent versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Safari.

Release Highlights

  • Asus unveiled the ZenFone 9 with Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 SoC, and Gimbal stabilized rear camera
  • Nubia launched the RedMagic 7S Pro with 10 layers of cooling and a dedicated chip that handles audio, RGB lighting and haptics.
  • Lenovo started shipping their first Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 laptop
MKBHD’s video about the Asus ZenFone 9
Nubia RedMagic 7s Pro

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