Reminiscing Pohela Boishakh

তাপসনিশ্বাসবায়ে মুমূর্ষুরে দাও উড়ায়ে,

বৎসরের আবর্জনা দূর হয়ে যাক॥

যাক পুরাতন স্মৃতি, যাক ভুলে-যাওয়া গীতি,

অশ্রুবাষ্প সুদূরে মিলাক॥

 মুছে যাক গ্লানি, ঘুচে যাক জরা,

 অগ্নিস্নানে শুচি হোক ধরা।


  • Shihab Ahmed

    Shihab doesn't seem to have opinions about most things and finds it hard to rate the things he's watched. Can't seem to stick to a particular hobby but have been clinging on to photography for quite a while now. He hopes to make the best out of it!

  • simsiam

    simsiam is an ice bear preparing for hibernation, often seen struggling to tune his guitar perfectly and shit-talking about bread.

  • Shuvro Mojumder

    Shuvro Mojumder, a photographer and storyteller based in Khulna. Get to know him on Instagram @shuvrosettledown.jpg.

  • Mohammad Jarif Bulbul

    Jarif, currently a struggling engineering student, loves to capture moments through his phone & does SEO as a part-time job.

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