Tokyo Through The Lens by TokyoScape

Tokyo Through The Lens is a photography album based on Tokyo by one of our international contributors, TokyoScape.
Tokyo Through The Lens: TokyoScape

‘The familiar sound of the kitchen knife, and the stove’s smell, mom’s back. It feels like my life in Tokyo was just a dream.’ ― Mika Yamamori.


‘The overriding sense of Tokyo is that it is a city devoted to the new, sped up in a subtle but profound way: a postmodern science-fiction story set ten minutes in the future.’ ― David Rakoff


‘If you go to Tokyo, I think it becomes very obvious that there’s this almost seamless mixture of popular culture and Japanese traditional culture.’ – Kazuo Ishiguro


‘Living right in the heart of Tokyo itself is quite like living in the mountains – in the midst of so many people, one hardly sees anyone.’ ― Yūko Tsushima


‘Tokyo was a place you could quite happily exist alone and be self-contained. It seemed to promise that it was better to be by yourself.’ ― Olivia Sudjic

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