Raven Fan Art DC Comics

Finally developed my art skills enough to draw Raven! Was too much of a coward before.
It’s a mix of different designs of hers. Initially was supposed to be long-haired, but I got lazy.

Raven is a member of the Teen Titans. She is a half-demon, half-human who possesses a range of abilities, including flight, teleportation, and empathic healing. She is the embodiment of Pride. Raven is a powerful asset to the team, but she is also plagued by her dark past and her demonic heritage.

Raven is a fascinating character because she is constantly struggling and fighting against her own nature. She is often the voice of reason and compassion.

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  • Maleeha Munawara Mahee

    Maleeha Munawara Mahee somehow finishes an illustration, but not without a three-month break and has over a hundred comics to catch up to. She believes she is a side character in everyone's stories, including her own. She wishes to find a forest to wander through and do as she pleases someday.

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