Expression of Love

Expression of Love

There’s nothing of the sort as ‘Fake love’ 

If it’s feigned, it isn’t love 

For love is meant to be true. 

Love is pure 

For sure, it isn’t a transaction 

And demands no reciprocation. 

When status or looks doesn’t matter 

And you stare without a selfish desire 

Inquiring out of genuine care, how they are 

Their smile resembles a treasure 

And just being with them feels better. 

Instead of holding on 

You are willing to let them go 

For every soul is destined to be liberated. 

When accumulation is deemed as wastage of resources

And sharing with those in desperate need seems righteous

That’s when ‘I’ dissolves and ‘We’ prevails. 

You feel inspired by others’ success 

And forget what jealousy is 

Praying with all your heart for their eternal bliss. 

Mistakes are overlooked 

And you learn to forgive without judgment 

Discerning that, we are all just the same 

Made up of atoms in unique arrangements. 

You meet everyone as if for the first time 

With no baggage of the past 

Striving to make memories that forever last. 

Just like a tree offering its shade to everyone

And a flower that disseminates its fragrance everywhere

When you give out to the world 

Yet brim with joy inside 

You become an expression of love.

– “Expression of Love” by Zahra Chowdhury

expression of love
Photography by Saima Taher Shovon.

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