Darkness Follows

Darkness Follows by Sidratul Muntaha

It’s not about the time of the day; it’s about you.

The darkness doesn’t just lie within the materialistic world; it resides in you.

The question is not “Why me?” but “How do I get rid of it?”

Again, it’s just you, so people won’t notice it if it’s properly hidden.

Preference changes; solitary confinement seems better than the hustle of the crowd.

Everything else becomes oblivious except the very sound of silence, which seems overpoweringly loud.

No one can understand what you go through, so stop looking for consolation.

You’re the one who has to find the courage and kiss it goodbye, enough with the negotiations.

It’s time you do something about it; turn to the light and pledge yourself.

Remember, “If anyone can save you from this unending pit of darkness, it is you, yourself.”

– “Darkness Follows” by Sidratul Muntaha

Darkness Follows by Sidratul Muntaha
Photography by Rohit Baidya.

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  • Sidratul Muntaha

    Sidratul Muntaha, 27, from Chittagong, Bangladesh, has always enjoyed reading and tried to write stuff up for herself. Although most of her write-ups have been for academic purposes, she writes poems as a personal hobby.

  • Rohit Baidya

    Rohit usually takes pictures of things that remind him of himself.

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