Sylhet Flood Photos 2022 (100+ Photos & Videos)

Sylhet Flood 2022
Sylhet Flood 2022

UPDATED 1st November 2022:

Here’s how you can Help Sylhet Flood Victims

আর্টিকেল টি বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন।

Due to extreme torrential rain in the middle of June 2022, several northeastern areas of Bangladesh including Sylhet, Sunamganj, and Netrokona have been flooded. Some of these areas are still underwater, with the residents stranded without food, transport, and shelter.

Floodwater reaching upto Meghalaya borders of Sylhet.

Amid the flood, electricity supply to the hilly areas of Sunamganj and Chhatak areas has been halted. The electricity supply of the Sylhet area might also be interrupted since the grid of the Kumargaon sub-station has been submerged.

Bangladesh Army has been deployed at the request of the local authority in an effort to speed up the flood rescue process and ensure maximum safety during this disaster in Sylhet.

Army deployed to handle the Sylhet flood situation

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), along with numerous other universities and medical colleges, has announced that classes are temporarily suspended for the next week.

According to the Bangladesh Water Development Board’s Flood Alert, the water level of the Surma river is expected to rise 10-50 cm compared to yesterday evening, flooding the majority of Sylhet.

Photos And Videos (Source: Various)–

Sylhet City:

Tamabil Area:

Tamabil Highway completely flooded, transportation halted.

SUST Area:

Dorgah Moholla

20th May 2022:

With the onset of the Monsoon every year, heavy rain starts in the northeastern part of Bangladesh around Sylhet and nearby areas of India’s Meghalaya and Assam. While it brings life to the rivers after a long time, torrential rainfall in this area often has disastrous effects on the people and the land. This article discusses the recent Sylhet Flood and the flooding of its nearby areas.

Extreme rain in the Greater Sylhet and Meghalaya and Assam of India in recent weeks has flooded the areas. Moreover, the effects of the recent cyclone Asani have only worsened the situation. Sylhet and Sunamganj districts are the worst affected, with many small towns having knee-deep water. The water has entered households, shops, pharmacies, offices, and storage go-downs of Sylhet City and its surroundings.

The Flood Forecasting and Warning Center (FFWC) has reported that the rivers were flowing way past their danger levels in several areas around the Sylhet district. The Surma river Kanaighat area was said to have river water way above the danger point. The Kushiyara river was reported to flow above the danger zone in the Zakiganj area.

Inside Sylhet city, many places, including Upashahar, Sheikhghat, Subhanighat, Taltala, Kalighat, and Kazirbazar, were in knee-deep waters. Hundreds of households are waterlogged, while thousands are under the risk zone. Thousands of inhabitants have temporarily left their homes and relocated.

The transport system inside Sylhet city has become haphazard. Many roads have become inaccessible to cars and autorickshaws as the water level has been knee-deep for a few days.

In certain areas, the water level has also reached waist height. Minor accidents have occurred since the road underwater is not visible.

Flood water has entered more than 500 educational institutes throughout the Sylhet district. Many schools and colleges throughout the district have suspended classes due to the flooding. Some educational institutes have been temporarily converted into flood relief centres.

The markets at the bank of Surma in the city were completely destroyed, with a lot of valuable goods washed away. Many are relocating their cattle and fresh produce from the Kacha Bazar areas. The shops have been deserted. In some areas, the people are still carrying on their business in their shops regardless of the knee-deep waters of the flood.

The affected areas are suffering from a daylong power cut. About 50,000 households throughout Sylhet have been suffering from power outages since Tuesday. 

Power substations in multiple areas of Sylhet, including Upashahar and South Surma, were submerged due to the extreme downpour. As a result, there was no electricity in those areas for over 2 days. 

Abdul Kadir, the Chief Engineer of Bangladesh Power Development Board in Sylhet, said that the power supply remained shut off to ensure the safety of the consumers in multiple areas of Kanaighat, Jaintapur, Zakiganj, Companyganj, Fenchuganj and Sadar Upazilas. 

The equipment of substations and electric meters in some of these areas are submerged in water. Therefore, the electricity could not be restored until the situation improved.

The mobile phone coverage and internet services have also been affected negatively in the areas mentioned.

Our staff correspondents from Assam have also mentioned that similar heavy torrential rainfall has left more than 4 lakh people affected. It has caused massive landslides and waterlogging, causing colossal damage to the Railway tracks and the Haflong railway station. Silchar region of Assam is currently facing a similar fate. 

In response to the disaster, Sylhet City Corporation and the district administration have come forward to open 215 Flood Centers in the affected areas. 

129 tonnes of rice and 1000 sacks of dry food have been distributed among the victims. Further 100 tonnes of rice and 3000 sacks of dry food have been allocated for future distribution.

Live images of the flood situation in Sylhet:

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