The Unsung Heroes

the unsung heroes

Shivers and chills down your spine, 

Runnin’ along the bones that have grown

The bones, they feel that ache through your heart 

They collide with each other, 

Only to find something they should’ve known. 

The Ribcage tells all the others, 

About this heart that it holds 

The Ribcage said how it couldn’t feel a thing, 

Until it listened to those heartbeats for all these years. 

The stomach interrupts, 

It tells the tale of many days 

When food reached, yet how it was missing the pleasure of a feast

Mouth seconds this and adds, 

How it happened to it too many times 

When it drew a smile but felt no joy, 

It lost count of how many times it lived that lie 

Ribcage came forward and sighed, 

As to take a decision about their sire 

Their Sire, who gave them this humble abode, 

Fulfilled their needs to let them grow 

He is their home. 

“Let’s keep going on,” all of them said at once! 

It’s the least they could do to make their humans whole. 

To let you know,

How much they love you, 

As they learned from the best.

Even when your world crumbles, you’ll find spaces to grow. 

So, take care, dear

Take care and take care of you more.

– “The Unsung Heroes”
the unsung heroes
“Manimal Trees”
Artwork by Kazi Raidah Afia Nusaiba.

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