Stranger Things Season 4 Fan Art

stranger things fan art

Stranger things is a coming-of-age, science fiction, horror drama television series by Netflix.  The Duffer Brothers are the showrunners and executive producers, in addition to being the show’s creators. Dan Cohen and Shawn Levy are the executive producers.

The plot centres on a group of friends who meet Eleven and learn about their town’s mysteries and what has been haunting them. The first season was released in July 2016, the second in October 2017, the third in July 2019, and the fourth in two volumes.

Volume 1 of Season 4 was released in May 2022, followed by Volume 2 in July 2022. The fifth and final season of the show has been confirmed for 2024.

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  • Sheikh Tahsina Jahan Bonnya

    Sheikh Tahsina Jahan Bonnya is a self-taught artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Art started off just as a hobby for her but it was in 2020 that she thought of working as a freelance illustrator. She wishes to work as an artist as long as she can and spread the essence of art through her works.

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