Winter Fashion in Bangladesh 2023

winter fashion
Winter Fashion in Bangladesh 2022

Winter fashion in Bangladesh is confusing, to say the least. It is too wintry to leave without a sweater while going to classes, school, or the office, but within a few hours, the scorching sun is back to make us sweat through our added layers.

A common dilemma we face every year from early December is, “what do we wear?”

Starting from Rajlokkhi, Hope Market to Bangabazar and Doja market, the increased sales of sustainable clothing in Dhaka have definitely helped us to up our game and made it easier to stylise our usual outfits and take them to the next level. If you haven’t checked them out yet, now is your chance.

If you’re too lazy to scurry around Dhaka city looking for the perfect fit, several online thrift pages are there on both Instagram and Facebook to help you out.

For now, I invite you to The Interlude’s very own fictional boutique showcasing this year’s winter fashion collection, designed by our talented artists: Maleeha Munawara Mahee and Sheikh Tahsina Jahan Bonnya.

Winter Fashion in Bangladesh 2022

Cosy Street Winter Fashion: Men’s Edition

Men (who have been only following Bollywood stars to dress yourselves), have you considered breaking out of your shell and adopting styles that won’t include wearing a hoodie and your PJs?

Winter Fashion in Bangladesh 2022

Let me amuse you for a second: straight-cut, loose pants with a slightly tucked-in tee and throw on a chunky sweater to complete a neat, idol-like look.

Winter Fashion in Bangladesh 2022

Whoever said vests are out, we women can guarantee you they’re not. You just have to know how to layer them.

A simple Henley topped with a neutral oversized woollen vest, pair it with semi-formal pants, and there you have it. A complete pizzazz look!

However, if tucking in is not your cup of tea, grab any t-shirt you have, and wear it with dark pants/ cargo pants and with a full sleeve reverse stitched shirt.

While neutral colours are always the safest option for a more clean and soothing look, don’t let it stop you from experimenting with bright colours or psychedelic patterns!

Be brave and own up to your style because even weird outfits can look divine if you can carry yourself. I mean, look at the Met Gala outfits!

All the Layering in the World

Winter Fashion in Bangladesh 2022

In terms of clothing, winter is my favourite season. I can layer all sorts of clothes without the fear of melting into a puddle. Dare I say, Winter is the longest cycle of America’s Next Top Model, where we bring out the best clothes in all shades, shapes and sizes.

Pairing our low neckline, backless midis with a full trumpet sleeve shirt to enhance the overall fit. Maybe finally being able to wear that ribbed racerback with the perfect high-waisted, bell bottom pants and a cardigan.

Yes, move aside, Alice; winter is our wonderland. 

Winter Fashion in Bangladesh 2022

As a female, when it comes to fashion, winter is a blessing. So many choices, so many ways to stylize one shirt/ skirt etc. Not only that but shoes as well!

Now is the time to take out our boots to match our outfits. A beige turtleneck, black-brown skirt and a muted green pullover. It might sound a bit all over the place, but I have the exact same outfit, and I swear by the colours, ’tis magnific!

Sarees in Winter

Winter Fashion in Bangladesh 2022

With winter comes weddings and, of course, sarees. Wearing a pastel pullover crop top with a saree looks great. But top it off with a knee-length coat or just a simple shawl, and you will be the walking definition of elegance and class.

You might be thinking, is Dhaka cold enough for this? Yes, my dear reader. It is a wedding, and all venues have working ACs even during winter, so…

I could go on and on or show you what The Interlude has to offer!

So, welcome to our beloved shop; look around to spot anything you like and let us know what you purchased.

Thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you soon!

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