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Welcome to The Interlude, a magazine encouraging young people to express themselves freely, from anywhere. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our website today! 

Why a magazine? Why now? 

We all know we live in an era of information overload when there is undoubtedly a myriad of news coverage than ever before, but when something crucial is at risk of being lost: the time and ambition to break free from the news cycle, to step back from the flood and figure out what’s going on. To seek context, insight, and just plain incredible stories. Enter this magazine. Our goal is to create a publication that goes right to the heart of what matters to the people, young and old, and for them to read stories about politics, culture, fashion, books, movies, sports, tech, you name it. 

From hard-hitting investigations, worthwhile criticism, and satirical comedies to intriguing fiction, thoughtful poetry, and personal pieces about surviving, we want our writers- and readers- to be true to their selves. We want illustrators to bloom and photographers to thrive without fear of rejection of their respective works. Perhaps, most importantly, our aim is to decentralise the media outlet of our country and reach more diverse voices that often get silenced by others for having “unpalatable” and “confusing” opinions and get sidelined as the minority or those who constantly feel the pressure of waiting for the perfect moment to tell their stories and speak their truths.

So this is us, in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, seeking awareness and fairness and making an effort to create an enlightening interlude where we aim to give voice and inspiration to a generation of writers, artists, and photographers. If you are someone who has a lot to share, whether it’s tips, insights, info, intel, hopes, dreams, fears or desires, come join us. Send in your work to [email protected], and let us bring new perspectives on our journey to provoke and inspire, together.

In the meantime, check out our playlist featuring the music being listened to by our members! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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  1. Golam Rabbani says:

    Great initiative Faeeja! All the best wishes for you.

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