March, In Retrospect

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Before we start, I want to clarify that I am better at coming up with ideas than I am at writing, so this will be more of an unprofessional personal reflection than a professional overview of an editorial.

I have come up with several ideas throughout the years, many of which failed. But the difference with this idea is that this time, I merged all of the ideas to make a magazine, and this time I did some things differently. Firstly, instead of trying to pull it off on my own, I discussed it first with my co-founder, Faeeja Humaira Meem, which in retrospect, was the single best thing that happened to this magazine. We contacted the best of the networks we built throughout the years to work on this magazine.

There are many reasons for launching this magazine. Too many talents in our circles fly under the radar, and we’re here to change that. We’re trying to build an environment where we try to be as unrestrictive as possible, giving more people the opportunity to present their thoughts and ideas to the world. We want to build a team that doesn’t feel like a mindless corporation. We want to bring an opportunity for more people to express their creativity.  

Are we keeping up with our goals? As of right now, we believe that we are. In the last three months, we have expanded our team to a group of around 30 contributors from literally all around the world. That definitely makes our team meetings very difficult, with more than 4 time zones to think about, but also more fun to schedule. Every week we are adding a new section to work on. We’re constantly coming up with ideas, and you better believe it: we’re just starting. 

Last month, we started a Shahid Minar archive, and we will try to make it the most major and monumental archive of Shahid Minar photography from all around the world. We have just recently opened a Gaming section this month, and we already have an article on the latest Pokémon Legends: Arceus game. We’ve been keeping a keen eye on the James Webb Space Telescope, and an update article on it is coming very soon. I can’t wait to actually execute what I read in Maleeha Munawara Mahee’s Cheesecake recipe. For someone like me who always participated in sports but never really kept in touch with International sports, the article on the Evolution of Fullback Position was at the same time insightful and interesting. Many other articles need praising, but I have a word limit I have imposed on myself to escape from this very thing.

We’ve started a Weekly Tech Update section on both the website and social media. The world is advancing very, very fast, and whether we like it or not, we must stay updated with Technology. That’s why we started this section where we give the highlights of the week’s latest tech news. Similarly, we have already started a Monthly Gaming News section and will be trying our best to do the same for other sections.

The part I’m most proud of is the Dear Friend section. This is where you can express yourself and your deepest thoughts while being completely anonymous. We’ve already received many submissions, and we’re getting even more every day. 

Much like with the Dear Friend section, I hope people are comfortable sharing their work to be published in our magazine. With that being said, send your work to [email protected] and follow us on our social media platforms- FacebookInstagramTwitter, and our new YouTube channel- and click the Follow button below to stay updated with us!

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