Eid and Our Plummeting Self Esteem (+ 5 Colour Palettes You’d Want to Consider)

The fashion in Bangladesh currently consists mainly of pastel colours, Pakistani designer clothes and net embroidered salwar kameez. While pastels are the go-to shades that are super summer-friendly and even look elegant, the focus on this limited palette has become so intense that we fail to give others a chance. 

Many of us have been the victim of colourism and have, at least once in our lives, been told to not wear a certain colour because it doesn’t suit us or we look kalo wearing it. Whether this stems from the deeply rooted colourism, borderline racism in our society or just the authoritarian attitude our elders have, they failed to understand how words like these can ultimately birth insecurities. We second guess ourselves and do not even wear certain shades of the spectrum because we fear how we might look… to other people.

Speaking from experience, it took me 10 years and some self-love to actually start owning everything I wear. Even crazy combinations. Thus, for the spirit of Eid, I present to you some erratic colour schemes you might want to consider wearing this holiday season:

Purple and Red 

A cool-toned with a warm one? Blasphemous, you might say? I say otherwise. If you’re aware of Colour Theory, you would know these are analogous, creating a rich and monochromatic look. 

Green, Orange and Pink 

The trio is called Split Complementary; here, a base is chosen and two analogous. This creates a bold yet soothing palette. 

Yellow + Green (+ Pink)

Once again, another S.C. combination but on the much brighter and warmer side.

colour eid

Blue and Purple

Now, this might be one we have often paired up, especially for lighter shades, because the duo looks like soft, sweet cotton candy clouds. A complete snack, but how about a darker version as well? With some green specks here and there? 

Yellow and blue

Yellow, even though in trends these days, has always been seen as a tacky colour for brown girls to wear except for their holud function. Let’s bring a change into that by mixing yellow with blue, giving your outfit a fresh look like green. 

There are so many more schemes that we have yet to try out, but these colours, personally, stand out to me the most. The main criteria for selecting a dress is none other than how you feel. If you think you’re going to rock, then girl, you will. It’s about time we listened to ourselves.

With that, I wish you happy last-minute shopping and a very Eid Mubarak!

Also, let us know any combination you think is crazy but surprisingly goes well together; we’d love to know! 

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