Ramadan and the Delightful Food Fest

A Tribute to Our Traditional Food Culture in Ramadan

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  • Asgar Azwad

    Asgar, co-founder and editor at The Interlude, is currently a med school student and constantly testing the limits of the human spirit.

  • Mohammad Jarif Bulbul

    Jarif, currently a struggling engineering student, loves to capture moments through his phone & does SEO as a part-time job.

  • Shihab Ahmed

    Shihab doesn't seem to have opinions about most things and finds it hard to rate the things he's watched. Can't seem to stick to a particular hobby but have been clinging on to photography for quite a while now. He hopes to make the best out of it!

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  1. Asgar Azwad says:

    Worked really hard on this one!

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