Ode to Mother

ode to alma mater

Ode to Mother

My life was too perfect;
I never needed to complain
but now it’s a rainy mid-night
and I am imposed to confess something to you-

It’s been a year
ever since I started seeing the owls;
even now, I’m used to hearing the chirping of morning birds
and the sounds of the evening Hermit.

I know it’s quite unforeseen for you-
not just do I have to stand alone in the kitchen,
but my other job is to make them all smile.
It’s a process to understand you fully.

Neither did I sleep when my newborn got caught in a frenzy,
nor when the weight of incubation gripped me-
but I’m hopeful
cause I understand you now.

I sweat without any objections,
but my body starts trembling
at the thought of the following day.
If they all forget my endeavour,
what if my progeny refuses to care for me?
Wish I could ask you
how were you the both of them-
“Hard labourer” and “forbearant.”
Why does it feel so heavy for me?
Listening to all the Master’s words,
yet I saw you obeying all of them
even with an agreeing smile.

I run and run till everyone gets to sleep;
asked for one or two maids.
Though I try hard to believe
I am your daughter
But where are the similarities?

How could you become so calm?
How could this world be so agreeable in your eyes?
But my felicity is-
I know you better now.

ode to mother
Photograph: Rohit Baidya

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  • Ruhama Chowdhury

    Ruhama Chowdhury is a student of English, and she hopes to spread the core knowledge of transcendentalism in her hopeless country through her writing. Her admiration for Louisa May Alcott, Emily Dickinson, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow provoked her to be an author one day. She always gets lost in her surroundings and tries to perceive them fully, wishing to explore them through verses.

  • Rohit Baidya

    Rohit usually takes pictures of things that remind him of himself.

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2 Responses

  1. Raaz says:

    Loved it Ruhama. Best wishes!🥰

  2. Asgar Azwad says:

    Good Poetry, Good Photograph

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