grey city by Kazi Raidah Afia Nusaiba

 everyone in the world

 seems Harsh 

people kill 

people die 

they scream and shout

 Some break things fought for, some break people.

toys abandoned by the road 

a teddy bear, all alone. 




Faking trust

Faking love

They just stare

They stare me down 

Like a sideshow freak

Kindness is foolishness 

friends will always leave me

(Don’t they just pity me?)

 I put up a facade,

 being aggressive to no end 

One mistake will set me out

 Then I’ll be a teddy bear. 

That no one wants. 

 Alone, collecting dust 

Thrown out

In rain and storm

 A dog rips me apart

Filthy and muddy

Just… worthless 

Feeling too much (don’t care)

you’re hurt? (don’t think)


Living a bubble

of self-desperation. 

Staying up until 4:00 a.m. 

to watch the stars. 

Piano in my head. 

Soft rustling of the trees

 Going nowhere. 

Not caring. 

Softness in my heart (now dry)

 Sunshine in my head (now dim)

Alive, Alone. (really?)

 Till the morning comes,

and the birds wake me.

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