Tasting beauty, a girl. 


Tasting beauty, a girl. 

eyes getting completely blinded as stage lights fall on her face- an angel, a curated diamond. she is ornate. she turns into a girl. 

her words calculated, strings out mimicking a jeweller handcrafting a vintage pearl necklace. 

she asks her mother if she is still her girl, her doll to decorate. 

after all, she is a girl when she is adorned with delusional validation. 

she covers her 6-year-old self’s eyes to hide the self that has no traces of her young self left. 

she will be a corpse and see people fight for the spot next to her grave, their soulless eyes facing her 7 feet under in the dark. she will smile down as people visit her, rotten flesh rattling hollow bones fireflies, her stage light, still beautiful. 

she will wonder in her afterlife what was it like to be a girl, her scars from scraping off her skin to get rid of unwanted hair or the colours that mosaic it. 

girlhood, her personal insanity.

Photography contributed by Mehrab Islam.

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