Home, yet a mystery.


Our souls keep wandering from one place to the next in search of a place to call home.
But how can we look for something we don’t know about?


Is it a place I visited ages ago that still holds a special place in my heart? Is it a place surrounded by a certain group of people who made me feel like I belong? That feeling when they took me in as one of their own.

Or is it somewhere between those glimpses when I saw my parents’ faces light up with pride even though I had done nothing particularly exceptional? I could see how happy they were every time they hugged me. Those emotions in receiving their forgiveness to taking those little steps toward fulfilling their dreams.


Is it someone who inspires me to pursue my goals and become the best version of myself? Is it the same person who stood by my side when I lost myself along the way in this wild world? Is it who taught me to keep reminding myself that the clouds will pass and the sun will shine again at the end of the day?

Was that home?

That house where I grew up, the space between those four walls where I first sobbed for god knows what dumb reasons, that room which still holds my first smile, first laughter and those whispers that walked with me throughout my childhood, I remember it well. 

Is that supposed to be the home to my soul?


Home! Is it a feeling that makes one feel alive? Is it an enclosed place made of bricks and memories that bring you solace?

Is it a group of people who give you a sense of belonging in a world shadowing loneliness?

Or perhaps home just smells like an eternity, those specks of ashes in the urn.

No wonder I haven’t found my home yet!

Photographs by Sheikh Samia Jahan.

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  • Ripa Shil

    Ripa Shil is a wandering soul still striving to figure out her place in the world. She is an undergrad who speaks her mind and finds solace in music.

  • Sheikh Samia Jahan

    Sheikh Samia Jahan embraces her poetic side but takes a good year or two to share her work. She believes in being seasonally creative since ideas come to her during a selective basis of time. She hopes that her mind will be generous to her in the future and give her full-year access to ingenuity and vision.

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