Why Being “Too Humble” Can Cost You Opportunities

Why Being “Too Humble” Can Cost You Opportunities

Growing up, I have always learned to give people the chance to speak up, to take on a new challenge, and always tried to provide them with the space to shine. But little did I know that this would also lead me not to get the chance that I let people have or that I was missing numerous opportunities because I let others show off their skills first.

As much as I am all in for being kind to everyone, having empathy towards others, and being that supportive friend in the circle, years of experience of being “too humble” has not only impacted my communication skill but also has majorly impacted my confidence to achieve something. This eventually led me to give myself lesser credits than I truly deserved.

Humbleness impacts not just how we view ourselves or the society around us; in addition, it helps us to create a more caring attitude to deal with others. I have noticed that those who exercise humility are more inclined to take into account the thoughts and opinions of others.

However, when we are too modest to believe that people will recognize our efforts, allow me to tell you something: people are frequently preoccupied with their own lives. Individuals simply wouldn’t be able to observe your capability until you actually prove it to them. People would perceive you as someone who lacks experience in your job or studies if you are overly humble and conceals yourself amid the bunch. 

Whenever it concerns working as a manager or a team leader, you are required to speak confidently regarding your talents and successes and to present your work. Others will take your place as leaders if you do not speak up. People with comparatively less talent than you may negotiate their way into being a leader if you are too modest. 

You probably acquired skills with sincerity and dedication, but you will not be able to put your abilities to use if you don’t utilise them at the correct moment and wait for others to figure everything out on their own.

Someone else might take advantage of you if they realize that it is difficult for you to say ‘no’ to certain demands; they will rely on you to do their tasks. They’ll know you’re not going to say anything about it. You will be the rung on which others will climb. And in most situations, individuals are unappreciative of the ladder they utilize to reach the summit.

Not only from personal experiences, but I have seen a lot of individuals like me who go through this regularly. People always tell us to be humble, but no one warns us about the baggage that comes with being ‘too humble’. We should always have a balance in terms of how we appreciate others as well as ourselves. We are all in this together. 

So raise your voice if you believe you have the ability to execute a task. Step up and inform your colleagues that you are capable of doing it. Every moment is a good moment. I have been someone who avoided doing activities they enjoy because they believe it is not the correct moment. Even in team meetings, I struggle to present my thoughts because I fear that I might end up interrupting a conversation. So, don’t wait too long for the perfect moment because the moment is created by you. Thus, when you are given an opportunity, please make the most of it.

Just speak up.

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