Shibu’s Hip-Hop Debut: “Not Your Problem”

“No I don’t feel the same, bout myself
I’m a changed man, got you expelled
How many more chances, just stop asking
Imma do what I want, baby not your problem.”

Hailing from Dhaka, Shehab Shahriar, also known as Shibu, debuted with a Hip-Hop track called “Not Your Problem.” Shifting from his roots in EDM, the energetic and sombre Shibu came up with a track that is more about his self-actualisation.

The song takes a bit more personal route where he talks about his past experience with responsibilities for his family and loved ones. As he started to explore himself more, he found his voice in something different from his usual style, and it worked out pretty well for his debut single. The beats were by Ross Gossage. The vocals and the mix-mastering were done by Shibu himself. Shibu’s own style of songwriting fits the message he’s trying to convey. It is fair to say that the production is pretty well coordinated.

The track contains a really catchy chorus and has found itself at the top of Spotify Bangladesh’s indie playlist in a very short time. Delighted to have Shibu in the Bangladeshi hip-hop scene, we are more than excited to hear more bangers from him in the future.

Watch the music video on YouTube-


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