Uncanny Silence of Dreams

I was grabbing the twinkles with my glance

When I felt the rusty stardust flame

And just right then I heard that wisp 

Like my dreams sang sweet

A simple, gentle, and quiet lullaby

As I reached out to hold them tight

But it turned out they were as desperate as I.

The mountains growled to make sure

I wasn’t the only ugly one to witness it alone.

So I wrapped my hands around that shattered heart of mine,

And whispered to that darkness trapped within his deep brown eyes,

“Honey we were wiser to let it go

Than to let it breakley glow.”

Those rustling autumn leaves flew to you 

With dark blank letters I wrote in blue,

To just ensure you were mine to lose,

When the soothing breeze brought your reply

To tap my broken window with those warm lights,

To write it in the sparkles of the sky,

“Darling, it was a story which could have brought us together,

Not life.”

Artwork by Mahdi Ibne Shahriar


  • Prodipta Hasin

    Prodipta Hasin is currently a lit major who spends most of her time overthinking about life and ranting her heart out on her blog. She loves poetry and daydreams about being Hozier's muse. You can find her on Instagram @strangebeautifulsorrowsofhasin trying to express her chaotic and dramatic fears and feelings.

  • Mahdi Ibne Shahriar

    Mahdi is just your friendly neighbourhood average illustrator who likes to draw stuff as a hobby.

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