So much for…

Photo by Zaki Alam Pushan

Agony, hidden under false advertisements of harmony,
securing a future with all kinds of uncertainty,
Posing oh so normal, while covering up our insecurity,
Building an image that leads to moral poverty,

There is no place for this in Heaven or Hell,
For none of them can digest this discomforting tale,
It is a hard lesson to learn that not all stories can sell,
And so it is your turn to succumb to this treachery,

Come over here and give in to the eventual obscurity.
Come join the clinical dismantling of nature’s creation,
There has been no glimpse of hope, only constant destruction,

Photo by Rohit Baidya

When will we get through?!
When will we rise above?!
Impossible is nothing, you say,
But you ended up making impossible the endgame,

Forgive me, this is not an opinion from an intellectual
I’m just one of the collectibles,
A species so infinitesimal,
With no good impact on the world’s many debacles,

Can you see out there?
It’s been a spectacle!
Of human stupidity and immorality,
Leading to never-ending atrocities,
So much for maintaining a false sense of sanity,
solidarity, moral superiority, and hierarchy
While we lead ourselves to obscurity…


  • Masud Zaman

    Masud Zaman, Managing Editor at The Interlude, is currently pursuing his studies in New York City. He is an aspiring filmmaker and a freelance writer. He is constantly working in and around the entertainment industry, occasionally wearing many hats as an actor, comic, writer, content creator and editor.

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  • Zaki Alam Pushan

    A chemical engineer who dreams of a world without pollution. A researcher who fell in love with solving problems. A photographer who tries to bring the coexistence of chaos and symphony, disturbance and tranquility through his work. Pushan believes his works are the connection between his dream and reality through his love.

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  • Rohit Baidya

    Rohit usually takes pictures of things that remind him of himself.

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